Bien: I Charge Between Ksh.7.5 Million to Ksh.15 Million For A Collabo.

The renowned artist and senior member of Sautisol, BienSoul, has chosen to disclose his collaboration fee to the public, shedding light on the investment required for artists seeking to collaborate with him.

In an interview with Mpasho, BienSoul, a highly acclaimed artist in Kenya, emphasized that his collaboration rates are substantial yet justifiable for musicians truly committed to enhancing their craft. He revealed that his current rate card for collaborations ranges from Ksh. 7.5 million to Ksh. 15 million, representing the financial commitment necessary to secure his participation in any collaborative project.

BienSoul further explained that the fee might vary based on specific requirements; for instance, if he is expected to appear shirtless in a music video, the cost would escalate. Essentially, he aimed to establish a benchmark and assert his standing among Kenyan artists, showcasing his equivalence with international counterparts who are often praised.

Within the Sautisol crew, BienSoul stands out as the member with numerous external collaborations, many of which have resulted in chart-topping hits. His impressive track record includes collaborations with international artists, where he consistently delivered exceptional performances. Given his remarkable vocals and extensive experience in the music industry, BienSoul contends that his fee is justified, as his involvement in any collaboration invariably elevates it to the status of a hit song.