“Ooh, your manhood is better than your brother’s,” I heard my wife tell my brother when they were having sex as I arrived home from work

Last weekend, my brother called me as I was still at work and asked me where I was and asked me where I was. That was very odd of him since he rarely called me. He told me he wanted some help from me and would therefore wait for me at home so that he can tell me about it.

I told him it was okay and since my wife was at home, I told him to stay there till I got home. He was jobless at that time and so I thought that he needed money from me since he would ask me for money time and again.

I went home at around 8pm since I always waited for the traffic jam to subside before going home. I arrived at our gate around 8.45pm and as I was climbing the stairs to my house which was in the second floor of the apartments. I heard very loud moans coming from my house. You could immediately tell that two people were really enjoying sex.

“Ouch, your machine is better than your brother. I like it so much,” I heard my wife tell my brother and I almost went crazy after hearing that. I could not believe my shameless brother was fucking my wife in my house! I got into the house and when they saw me, they covered themselves and my brother threatened me and said he would kill me if I dared beat him.

“Kama hujui kutengeneza bibi yako sisi tutakutengenezea,” he said as he left my house and my wife followed him two. They laughed at my face and told me that I was useless.  I was so hurt and immediately called my elder sister whom I told of what had happened.

She asked me to visit Doctor Mugwenu since he would teach the two cheaters a good lesson. I visited the doctor’s workplace the next day and he cast a spell that would disturb my brother until he brought back my wife.

That same evening, they both came at home and told me they were being tortured by some mysterious voices. My brother apologised when on his knees and said he would never repeat the same mistake again. My wife too asked for forgiveness and I forgave them both.

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