Shock as Man Kills His Grandmother for Allegedly Cursing Him Not to Erect -

Shock as Man Kills His Grandmother for Allegedly Cursing Him Not to Erect

In a strange and unsettling twist of events, a 28-year-old man named Paul Thuo Karanja stands accused of brutally stabbing his 81-year-old grandmother multiple times on her head and back.

Adding to the uniqueness of this case is Karanja’s assertion that his grandmother had supposedly placed him under a spell, which he claims led to his alleged attack on her.

These astonishing allegations came to light during a legal proceeding at the Makadara Law Courts, where Mr. Karanja faced charges of assaulting and causing injury to his own grandmother in the Kiamaiko area of Huruma, within the Mathare Sub County of Nairobi, on August 21, 2023.

The elderly victim, who was also present in the courtroom, recounted that Karanja not only assaulted her with a knife but also made an attempt to slit her throat.

Allegedly, he also made threats against her and the entire family. However, Karanja vehemently denied these charges and instead accused his grandmother of having affiliations with witchcraft.

The incident occurred on the day when the elderly woman had gone to visit her rental properties, prompted by a summons from an official of the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company concerning water connection matters.

While she was on her property, Karanja reportedly confronted her with a knife. Despite her efforts to defend herself, he managed to overpower her and carried out the brutal stabbing. Bystanders intervened, preventing further harm to her.

Following the assault, the victim was swiftly taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. After receiving care, she was discharged and subsequently reported the incident to the Huruma Police Station.

Subsequent investigations unveiled that Karanja had been demanding a portion of property from his grandmother.

He had previously caused damage to some of the houses, leading to police involvement that eventually resolved the issue. The complainant possessed a document signed by Karanja, in which he pledged to cease any interference with her property. As a result, the reported case was later withdrawn.

Mr. Karanja was detained in custody by Senior Principal Magistrate Gerald Mutiso. The court mandated a pre-bail report to establish appropriate bail and bond terms for the defendant. The case is scheduled for a preliminary mention on September 15, 2023, during which the probation department will provide a social inquiry report. The victim’s cousin, responsible for looking after her rental properties, has been named as a witness alongside the victim herself.