Shakilla Lists Reasons Why She Prefers Nigerians Over Kenyan Men: "They Last in Bed" -

Shakilla Lists Reasons Why She Prefers Nigerians Over Kenyan Men: “They Last in Bed”

Shakilla’s inclination towards Nigerian men over Kenyan men has sparked curiosity, prompting us to delve into the reasons behind her preferences. She has articulated her aversion to Kenyan men, citing various factors that have influenced her viewpoint. However, it’s important to note that her perspective is a singular one and may not represent a universal truth.

One aspect Shakilla highlights is the perceived romantic nature of Nigerian men. She asserts that their ability to express affection and create romantic connections stands out to her. On the other hand, she critiques Kenyan men for their perceived lack of romantic gestures.

Shakilla also addresses financial considerations, where she asserts that Kenyan men exhibit stinginess. She claims that they are more inclined to cover specific expenses rather than providing monetary support. Additionally, she expresses dissatisfaction with their overall appearance.

In the realm of intimate relationships, Shakilla praises the prowess of Nigerian men in the bedroom. She implies that Kenyan men often fall short in this regard, emphasizing her belief that Nigerian men excel in providing longer-lasting experiences.

Another factor Shakilla mentions is the marital status of Kenyan men. She observes that a considerable number of them are married, which complicates matters if one desires a more discreet relationship. This point leads to discussions about stereotypes, as some question the extent to which Shakilla’s opinions might be rooted in generalizations rather than personal experiences.

In response, Shakilla suggests that individuals should engage in relationships with Kenyan men before forming conclusions. She clarifies that her current focus is not on settling down, but rather on exploring different dynamics and nurturing her personal growth. She acknowledges her willingness to be involved with men already in relationships as a means to support her financial independence.

Shakilla openly admits her preference for taller men and playfully labels herself the “queen of gold-diggers,” signifying her upfront approach to financial aspects within relationships. She also divulges her net worth, which surpasses KSh 2 million, showcasing her financial achievements.

Interestingly, Shakilla reacts to the socialite trend of charging for responses to direct messages. She appears to find amusement in this approach, highlighting the presence of Kenyan celebrities in her messages. However, she mentions not yet responding to their messages.

In conclusion, Shakilla’s favoritism towards Nigerian men is influenced by factors ranging from perceived romance and bedroom prowess to financial attitudes and marital statuses. It’s essential to remember that individual preferences can be subjective and should not be construed as a blanket statement about any particular group. Shakilla’s journey of self-discovery and exploration, coupled with her candidness about financial dynamics, offers a unique glimpse into her perspective on relationships and personal growth.