“I don’t do broke men like you anymore!”: I paid my wife’s school fees but she dumped me and married a richer man and abused me a poor man

My name is Abel and when I took my wife to marry, she was a nobody. Literally, she was just a village girl who had had not gone to high school but despite her shortcomings, I married her.

I enrolled her in high school and after she was done, I took a loan and even took her to campus where she studied economics. She was all through a very good girl, very respectful and treated me with lots of love. Not even once did I ever regret doing all the sacrifices I had one for her. Man dumped by wife for being too poor wins Ksh20 million jackpot - Business  Today Kenya

“Once I am done with school, I will repay you for all the love and care you have shown me,” she told me.

However, she did not keep her promise since after graduating with a Bachelors in Economics she started being very rude to me. She told me I looked shaggy and did not want to be spotted with me in public. For the first time, she started saying I was not good enough for her.

“You know what, I am done with this marriage by the way. I cannot deal with you since you are too shaggy and broke,” she told me. Thinking it was a joke or something, she packed her clothes and a guy who had a Prado came for her.

I felt so humiliated that I had used all my money in educating that woman and she instead chose to repay me in such a rude way. I told my mother all about it and she told me to teach her a lesson by using Doctor Mugwenu’s spells.

I called the doctor and told him what my wife had done after I used all the money I had to take her to school. He gave me an appointment the following day. He cast a spell of rejecting the other man in such a way that she would have had to come back to me. Rwandan Man Dumped by Wife on Wedding Day, Elopes with Another Man |  Wedding day, Another man, Married woman

A day later, she indeed came back to me looking very humble as a lamb. She said she was sorry for dumping me and that she had learned the hard way that I was the best husband for her. I took her in and we are in a very happy marriage together.

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