Revealed..The Chinese restaurant in town is a SODOM and GOMORRAH brothel!

A Chinese restaurant located in kilimani has been put under watch after reports claimed that it does not allow Africans after 5 pm. When the story first came up it seemed to be taking a drift towards racism but it seems we got it all wrong.

Some local journalists were recently chased away like straying dogs when they visited the premises some minutes past 5 pm.

Although the owner of the restaurant claimed that his reasons for not allowing Africans past 5 pm is due to security reasons, it has surfaced that  the place turns to some Sodom and Gomorrah brothel after 5 pm.

Wealthy and classy Chinese businessmen visit the restaurant after 5 pm to be entertained by high end local prostitutes.

Word has it that some of the prostitutes are under age kenyan girls who are being used to shoot illegal porn videos.Some politicians who are involved in the saga. are also granted access to the restaurant .

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