Man Who Won Green Card to Work in America Quits Sh 1.6 Million Monthly Job Salary, Insosts He Is Tired of American Life

Benson, a Kenyan residing in the United States of America, has recently made a bold choice: he’s decided to return to Kenya, citing dissatisfaction with the draining pace of American life.

Despite his significant accomplishments in the US, which include holding esteemed positions and amassing property, Benson feels compelled to break free from the relentless pursuit of wealth and refocus on his familial and social connections.

Having lived in the US since 2011, Benson has been involved in various occupations, ranging from serving in the US army to working in the corporate sector.

Reflecting on his time, Benson shared, “I’ve been here since 2011, engaging in diverse roles. I served in the US army for four years, with a deployment to Afghanistan. Additionally, I’ve navigated the corporate landscape, with my most recent job yielding $12,000 per month, alongside my own entrepreneurial ventures.”

Despite the allure of high-paying jobs and investments, Benson finds himself unable to savor them fully amidst the relentless demands of work and a scarcity of time for family and personal pursuits.

Benson observes that while the US offers abundant opportunities for financial prosperity, it often lacks the conducive environment for the rich social and familial life he craves, a lifestyle he believes is more feasible in Kenya.

His decision to return home isn’t solely driven by financial considerations but rather by a yearning to restore a sense of equilibrium and contentment absent in America.

With a fervent desire to break free from the rat race and embrace a more fulfilling existence, Benson intends to leverage his experience and investments in real estate to delve into property management in Kenya.

He envisions that by investing in his homeland, he can craft a brighter future for himself and his loved ones, all while making meaningful contributions to the local economy.