“Wananikatia wakisema venye Niko CUTE” , Pastor Nganga claim women send Him Flattery Messages on Whatsapp

In a recent interview, Pastor James Ng’ang’a, a controversial religious figure, opened up about a peculiar issue he’s been facing despite being a married man. The 69-year-old man of God claimed that women have been making advances towards him, primarily driven by their pursuit of financial gain, and this has been happening through direct messages on social media.

Ng’ang’a expressed, “I receive messages from women who seem to be indifferent to age. Their primary interest lies in monetary matters, and they often engage in flirting, complimenting my intelligence and looks. Being a public figure, it’s inevitable to attract such attention.”

It is worth noting that Pastor Ng’ang’a had lost his first wife some years ago due to illness and is currently married to Mercy Murugi, who is in her late 30s. In the interview, he also disclosed that he has numerous children, a topic he is not ashamed to discuss openly.

He explained, “I became a father at a very young age, and it’s challenging to ascertain the exact number of children I have. Women can be complicated, and I don’t have a definitive count.”

When asked to provide an approximation, Ng’ang’a hesitated and stated that he wasn’t in a position to do so. He shared a poignant anecdote about a past relationship, “The mother of a young lady who is getting married today once left me while pregnant with twins. She had gone to buy clothes and never returned. When I decided to seek her out after finding faith, I discovered she had moved on to someone else, and we were not officially married.”

Tragically, she passed away at some point, and it was only after her death that her children sought him out. This led him to adopt his daughter, a decision he made in the year 2000.

Pastor Ng’ang’a then delved into the topic of contemporary relationships, highlighting that many couples today do not endure due to a lack of authenticity. He argued, “Women sometimes enter marriages for financial security, and when the money fades, so does the love. It wasn’t built on genuine affection.”

He went on to advise couples to respect each other’s privacy, particularly in terms of mobile phones. Ng’ang’a cautioned, “Those who were interested in you before your marriage will persist, even after you’ve tied the knot. They’ll keep sending messages and can disrupt households. Such intrusions can lead to devastating consequences, and phones are often at the root of lovers’ conflicts.”

Despite his controversial image, Pastor Ng’ang’a emphasized that he doesn’t want to be remembered solely as a preacher. Instead, he desires to be known for establishing a space where people can come to worship. To this end, he has constructed a large, city-like complex in Kajiado called Jerusalem City, where worshippers can gather for prayer and receive spiritual guidance.