"Many People Thinks I'm Rich While Am Not" Popular Kikuyu Radio Girl - Joy wa Macharia -

“Many People Thinks I’m Rich While Am Not” Popular Kikuyu Radio Girl – Joy wa Macharia

Popular Kikuyu Radio presenter Joy Wa Macharia has revealed that most of the people she comes across thinks that she is rich.

Joy who is a radio presenter at Coro Fm which is owned by KBC and a Kikuyu singer said that sometimes she wonders why people believes that she is rich while on real life she also experience tough times.

She gave an example of last month when things were hard on her side but most of her friends were thinking that everything is smooth on her.

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“I have never known why people thinks am rich. And the the things were tough to me on last month”, said joy.

The celebrated radio girl added that sometimes she comes across young people in the village who begs her some money and she is always left wondering what to respond to them since they can’t believe that she doesn’t have any.

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Joy shares this experience on her Facebook page.