DRAMA ,lady of the night confronts Man who refused to pay her 300 bob for services rendered and wanted to run away (VIDEO).

A woman who sells her services on the dimly lit streets of Nairobi during the night was captured on video confronting a young man who allegedly refused to compensate her after availing himself of her services.

The man had solicited her services on the streets and agreed to pay her Sh 300. However, after their encounter in a shabby lodging, he reneged on their agreement and attempted to flee the scene.

Unyielding, the woman pursued him, demanding the payment owed to her.

In the video, she can be heard assertively asking, “So, only three hundred and you’re running away like that?”

Onlookers intervened, insisting that he compensate her Sh 500 for wasting her time and attempting to escape without fulfilling his obligation.

Admitting he only had Sh 300, the man found himself in a predicament.

Witness the tense confrontation in the video clip.