Kenya’s President Dr William Ruto Promises Full Support To Haiti’s New Transitional Government

President William Ruto expressed his warm reception of Haiti’s newly formed government, extending a hand of support to aid the nation’s transition towards peace amidst the challenges posed by gang activity.

In a statement released on Friday, President Ruto commended the installation of the new leadership, recognizing it as a pivotal moment in Haiti’s journey towards democratic reform.

“The Transitional Political Council (TPC) has been tasked with the urgent mission of swiftly reinstating essential governmental structures crucial for reestablishing law and order, thereby instilling hope among all Haitians, as outlined in the April 12, 2024 decree,” remarked Ruto.

“In alignment with the outlined political framework, Kenya is prepared and eager, alongside a diverse coalition of African nations and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), to support Haiti’s stability by promptly implementing the security assistance measures outlined in UN Security Council Resolution 2699 (2023). Kenya reaffirms its unwavering backing for Haiti’s Transitional Political Council as it guides the nation through this intricate transitional phase.”

Following the resignation of former Prime Minister Ariel Henry, the nine-member council officially assumed control on Thursday.

Michel Patrick Boisvert, who previously served as Henry’s finance minister, will act as interim prime minister until the council selects a new leader, forms a cabinet, and establishes a provisional electoral council to facilitate the scheduled 2026 elections, marking the first electoral event since November 2016.

In a show of solidarity, Kenya has committed to dispatching a contingent of 1,000 police personnel to provide training and assistance to the Haitian police force, aiming to restore normalcy and safeguard critical infrastructure as part of a UN Security Council-endorsed initiative.