Kaveve Kazoze Hitmakers Plead for Help, Reveal they Didn’t Make Money from the Hit Song

Kenya’s renowned Gengetone group, Spider Clan, widely recognized for their chart-topping track “Rieng Genje,” featuring the catchy lyrics “Cash crop ya Nyandarua ni Mawaru,” “Kaveve kazoze,” and “unibebe hadi mbere ya kerende,” is now seeking assistance.

Surprisingly, the musicians disclosed that they failed to generate any income from their viral hit, even after it dominated the trending charts for days. Contrary to public expectations, they clarified that they did not experience any financial gains from the song.

It wasn’t until the song amassed an impressive 4 million views that they realized its potential for monetization. To their dismay, they revealed that the sole beneficiary of the song’s numerous views was the sound producer, who successfully monetized his end, leaving the artists with nothing to show for their dedicated hard work and creative efforts.

Expressing their struggle, the group highlighted the difficulty of convincing people that they are not financially well-off, as the glamorous online lifestyle seen by many is far from the reality of their current living conditions.

In an interview with Jalang’o TV, the singers of “Kaveve Kazoze” disclosed that while former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko facilitated their travel and accommodation for a performance in Mombasa, he failed to fulfill the promises of ongoing support that he had initially made.

Ngesh, a member of the group, expressed their disappointment, stating that Sonko ceased communication after the Mombasa show and failed to deliver on his commitments. Despite Sonko covering their travel expenses and accommodation, the promises he had made to assist them further were left unfulfilled.

The group earnestly appealed to club promoters to extend invitations for performances, emphasizing their need for opportunities to showcase their talent.

Addressing a controversy involving her and comedian 2mbili, Ngesh explained that she could not accept the assistance offered by the comedian, as it was intended solely for her and not the rest of the crew. This conflict strained their relationship, although she clarified that she harbors no ill feelings toward him.

Despite the challenges, the globally popular Gengetone hit song “Rieng Genje” has garnered over 4.2 million views since its release six months ago, showcasing the group’s undeniable talent and potential.