Skirt Chasing, Samidoh's Photo With Celebrity Cop Causes Mixed Reactions
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Skirt Chasing, Samidoh’s Photo With Celebrity Cop Causes Mixed Reactions

Musician samidoh has taken a picture of himself with a friend cop who has been working in Nairobi.

The photograph attracted in various remarks from netizens. A lot of those who were seen commenting, were wishing them all the best as they are both known to be working with the security team as cops. Surprisingly, Mary, in spite of the fact that she works as a prison warden, she is also a famous entertainer in the country.

Samidoh has been additionally chasing his music dream for some time now. He has managed o make a perfect living out of his talent in secular industry. He however holds his gun to maintain law and order in the country

Some even ridiculed the cop duo. They said that possibly they were trying to go out for a date.