Bahati leaves FANS Worried after posting photo of his alleged funeral -

Bahati leaves FANS Worried after posting photo of his alleged funeral

Once again, Kenyan musician Bahati has found himself in hot water with a portion of his fan base. On Sunday, September 3, the artist, best known for his hit song “Mama,” surprised millions of Kenyans by sharing a rather perplexing image on his social media.

In the controversial post, Bahati displayed a photograph of a coffin positioned next to his own portrait, accompanied by a cryptic caption that read, “UNARUDI LINI?” This enigmatic message left thousands of Bahati’s fans and followers bewildered and concerned. Many assumed that Bahati was using this unusual imagery as a marketing ploy for an upcoming song. However, they strongly criticized him for resorting to such a controversial method to capture attention.

The comment section of Bahati’s Instagram post was inundated with harsh sentiments from his fans and other Kenyans who felt he had crossed a line with this latest publicity stunt. Many believed that he was becoming addicted to seeking attention and suggested that he should have employed a different approach, rather than resorting to the use of a coffin and a portrait.

This incident occurred shortly after Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, faced negative comments and insinuations from their detractors, who tried to cast doubt on the biological parentage of Bahati’s children. Some malicious individuals went as far as photoshopping a family picture of Bahati and Diana, adding images of other men, and falsely claiming that these men were the real parents of the couple’s children.

In an unusual turn of events, Kenyans rallied behind the Bahatis, condemning those who had attacked them and, more importantly, their innocent children. Many emphasized that while people can criticize Bahati and Diana all they want, they should refrain from involving the children in their disputes, as they are completely blameless. This show of solidarity marked a departure from the typical responses to controversies involving the couple and their family.