80-Year-Old Mzee Falls in Love with His 30yr-Old Daughter’s Friend Just Minutes After Bringing Her Home

Love is blind and age is just a number. In a captivating story shared by Afrimax English, an 80-year-old man fell in love with his 30-year-old daughter’s friend just minutes after bringing her home for a visit…. CONTINUE READING

It all began when Winnie Mwikali Ndungu was brought by her daughter to visit her now-husband, Ndungu Kariuki, who is now 92 years old. It was at this point that Winnie and Ndungu expressed their love for each other.

The elderly man, who had been single since his first wife passed away, had no idea that luck was on his side, as the woman he fell in love with was younger than him. At that time, she was 30 years old, while he was 87.

“When my first wife passed away, I lived alone until I met this girl. She came with my daughter, and they were friends. When I realized I loved her, I didn’t think she felt the same because she seemed too young for me,” the old man recalled. During their love-at-first-sight encounter, the two met in the evening after the old man’s daughter organized their meeting