Zzero Sufuri Speaks on Life Before Music & Fame, "Nilikuwa Pedi, Nilikuwa nauza Ndom." -

Zzero Sufuri Speaks on Life Before Music & Fame, “Nilikuwa Pedi, Nilikuwa nauza Ndom.”

Jeremiah Chege, widely known by his stage name Zzero Sufuri, recently opened up about his personal life and career trajectory before delving into the world of music.

During an interview with the Pov Podcast, the renowned Kenyan Gengetone artist expressed his deep passion for music, emphasizing how it played a pivotal role in saving him from a challenging situation.

Originally from the Dagoretti area in Nairobi, Zzero Sufuri came from a modest background. Despite this, his parents consistently instilled in him the values of hard work and decency.

He candidly disclosed that he used to work as a peddler, specifically selling cannabis. Prior to achieving success as a prominent artist, he encountered numerous difficulties, even finding himself in precarious situations.

“At one point, I was a peddler, selling cannabis. I remember a time when I was caught lying behind a supermarket generator. But music found me and changed everything.”

In his early days, Zzero Sufuri would collaborate with his friends from Dagoretti to record ciphers. They would engage in rapping and singing, purely for the joy and amusement it brought them. As time went on, he began writing stories and contemplated transforming them into musical compositions.

Zzero Sufuri gained widespread recognition in 2019, and since then, he has consistently released a multitude of songs. He motivates his fans by encouraging them not to lose hope during life’s trials, as challenging circumstances eventually come to an end.

Excitingly, Zzero Sufuri also revealed that he has a forthcoming album, which is set to be released in the near future.