CRAZY Reason Winnie Odinga still hasn't found the love of her life -

CRAZY Reason Winnie Odinga still hasn’t found the love of her life

In an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Winnie Odinga, the second daughter of Raila Odinga, revealed that her mother has been pressuring her to get married and start having children for the past couple of years. However, Winnie has told her mother to cool down on that talk as she is content with how everything is in her life right now and is just having fun since she is still young.

Despite being in her thirties, Winnie is enjoying her life to the fullest and is not bothered by the idea of having children at an older age. She believes that she can have babies when she is 80 and is currently just relishing in life after a difficult period.

Winnie also shared that she is single for the first time in nine years, and that is why she is enjoying life the way she does. She also spoke about the type of man she would like to date, describing him as confident. However, she has not found a confident Kenyan man to date her, and she is looking for someone who understands her and has the same kind of confidence as her father.

Winnie clarified that she does not mind dating men from other cultures, but it is important for her to find someone who can comprehend her. She stated that she is ready to date and is currently looking for the right man to be her hero.