I’m richer than Diana marua ~ Andrew Kibe -

I’m richer than Diana marua ~ Andrew Kibe

Kenyan self-made moral police, Andrew Kibe, has once again launched a scathing attack on Diana Marua, the wife of Bahati. The two have been engaging in altercations on social media.

In their recent online brawl, Kibe responded to Marua’s remarks by throwing shades at her. The YouTuber was triggered by Marua’s dismissal of his career and insinuation that he would be irrelevant without her.

Marua wrote, “😂😂😂 Just discovered that without mentioning Diana B, this guy will have no career 😂😂😂😂. Issorait.” She accompanied the post with a status that read, “ANDREW KIBE, why do you enjoy insulting me? Aren’t you poor?”

In response, Kibe rebuked Marua for claiming that he is poor. The content creator emphasized that he is content with his current situation. He stated, “Marua is asking me what? I have zero stress, few bills to settle, just sleeping, eating, and enjoying a few drinks.”

Kibe also dismissed the notion that he is poor by highlighting his wealth. He proudly described his multi-million Mercedes S550 and how its features surpass those of Diana Marua’s car. He stated, “Have you heard of the Mercedes S550? When you turn off the engine, the speakers retract. When you turn the car, the lights turn with you… Even when you step on the brakes, the car hugs you… What are you trying to tell me?”

In this way, Kibe asserts his financial stability and success, aiming to silence Marua’s claims about his career and wealth.