Meru Graduate Earns KSh 8k Daily from Dairy Farming: “Got a Bond with Cows” 

Gordon Chui, a 28-year-old alumnus of Chuka University, represents a remarkable success story in the field of dairy farming. Graduating in 2018 with a diploma in animal health and production, Chui opted for a different path than most of his peers by choosing to follow his deep-rooted passion for agriculture.

His journey into dairy farming began even before he completed his education, thanks to the support of his parents. By the time he earned his degree, Chui was already actively managing his own dairy farm.

Chui’s daily routine as a dairy farmer is a testament to his dedication and expertise. In the morning, he achieves impressive earnings ranging from Ksh 6,480 to Ksh 7,560, and in the evening, he continues to reap rewards, with income ranging between Ksh 2,000 and Ksh 3,250.

What makes Chui’s story even more remarkable is the context of youth unemployment in Kenya. In a nation where many young people struggle to secure stable employment opportunities, Chui’s success as a university graduate thriving in the farming sector has left many astonished.

Delving into Chui’s personal journey, he reminisces about his early days in the dairy farming world. He initially ventured into this field in 2015 while still in college, but it wasn’t until 2018, after obtaining his diploma, that he fully immersed himself in dairy farming. His love for cattle goes beyond mere business; he shares a genuine affinity for these animals, forging a deep connection with them.

After graduation, Chui wasted no time in entering the farming industry. Encouraged by his supportive parents, he began with two cows, an Ayrshire and a Friesian. Today, his dairy herd boasts an impressive 13 cows, including four heifers, three dry cows, and six milking cows. Chui’s dairy products find their way to market through partnerships with renowned dairies such as Brookside, Mt. Kenya Milk, and Meru Central.

During his peak performance with ten cows, Chui achieved a remarkable daily production of 257 liters of milk. However, due to the seasonal variations in cow productivity, he currently maintains an output of 155–175 liters per day. His daily sales transactions reflect his financial success. In the mornings, he sells 120 to 140 liters of milk to Brookside at a rate of Ksh 54 per liter. In the evenings, he delivers 40 to 65 liters of milk to either Mt. Kenya or Meru Central, fetching Ksh 50 per liter.

In sum, Gordon Chui’s inspiring journey from university graduate to thriving dairy farmer showcases the potential within Kenya’s agricultural sector and serves as a shining example for young people seeking alternative career paths in the face of unemployment challenges. His passion, dedication, and business acumen have not only transformed his own life but also serve as a source of inspiration for others contemplating similar endeavors in the realm of agriculture.