Hii imeenda, Bahati expresses concerns about wife working with Dr Ofweneke -

Hii imeenda, Bahati expresses concerns about wife working with Dr Ofweneke

Diana Marua has landed a new gig as a co-host on the popular dating show ‘Hello Mr Right,’ which is returning for its third season. Alongside comedian Dr. Ofweneke and marriage counselor Getrude Mungai, Bahati’s wife will serve as the show’s co-host.

The show’s unveiling event was attended by many celebrities, including musicians Bahati and Guardian Angel, as well as comedians such as Blessed Njugush, Eddie Butita, Sandra Dacha, and Akuku Danger.

During the event, Bahati jokingly expressed concerns about his wife working with Dr. Ofweneke, saying, “I have not come here to support you. I have also not come here to support the launch of the show, I have come here to keep an eye on you on how you interact with my wife.” However, Ofweneke assured Bahati that he would be professional while working with Diana and would “return” her after 14 episodes of the show.

Ofweneke went on to praise Bahati for being a responsible husband and an example of the kind of man needed in this generation. “Thank you so much for handing her over to me. I will take care of her, and you have done an amazing job just being a husband and supporting and making sure that you put the vision and dream,” he said.

Proud husband

Bahati took to social media to shower Diana Marua with praise after the official unveiling ceremony.

Again let me say I’m a Proud Husband. My Love, everyday You Make me Proud. We started this Brand #DIANA_B just the other Day and now Look at Yourself… I can Confidently call you Everyone’s Favourite Content Creator! 😍 @Diana_Marua

As You Take on the New Duty as the New Tv Host of #MRRIGHT Show alongside my Brother @drofweneke I want to Wish all the best👌 Go and Show them how We do it…

Remember We are The Bahati’s… We are the Entertainment… We are the Business!!! GLORY TO JESUS ALONE 🙏” Bahati wrote.

GLORY TO GOD!! THANK YOU, MY KING. FOREVER GRATEFUL TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE ❤️❤️,” Diana commented on her husband’s post.