19-Year-Old Boy Wins Sh10Million bet Using Sh100, His Father Asks Him to Return the Money

A father reportedly requested his son to give back the sum of 10 million Kenyan shillings that he had won from sports betting. According to sources, the son, who is 19 years old, had placed a mere 100 shillings bet and unexpectedly emerged victorious, bringing home the significant amount of 10 million shillings.

The father, however, expressed strong disapproval towards sports betting and urged his son to promptly return the money to its source. This account was initially shared through an anonymous message sent via the messaging platform NGL. Subsequently, the full message was made public, and CorrectNG also posted it.

Within the message, the boy’s brother sought guidance from the public regarding how to handle this predicament. He expressed his distress over the impending rent payment and the ensuing conflict between their father and his wife due to the rejection of the betting winnings.

Despite witnessing the fortunate turn of events, the father adamantly refused to accept the money into their household, insisting that it should be returned to the betting company.