How To Start A Small Business With Ksh6000 And Earn Good Profit.
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How To Start A Small Business With Ksh6000 And Earn Good Profit.

A lot of Kenyans have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdown that has led to many companies laying off their staffs.

This doesn’t stop one from paying rent,paying school fees and also many other bills. To some extent if you are just at home just because you lost a job, you can still start your own job with little investments and make good money.

If you live near a town or market place you may notice that there are several people who sell boiled eggs and saugage. Have you ever asked yourself how mach money they make in a single day?

One crate of eggs goes at a retail price of about ksh 350 and once that egg is boiled it goes at price of ksh 20.

This means that one crate of egg makes a profit of ksh.250.

If you manage to sell two crates in a single day, you will make about ksh 500 profit only on eggs.

On the other side, a boiled or fried sausage make a profit of ksh 8.

This means that you can make a profit of 400 by selling just 50 saugages in a day.

After subtracting other cost such as boiling and labour, you will realize that in a single day, you can make a profit of 600.

This is a good money that can help you pay your bills and improve your standard of living.To start this business is just easy, you just need to buy some few tools like the trolley which you will use to sell your eggs.

Secondly, you need to locate yourself in a convenient place where most people keep on passing may be near a bus stop station or a busy street.

You need also to make sure that you maintain a high level of cleanliness to attract more customers.

Good Luck.

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