Woman Who Has Been Breastfeeding Her Husband for Six Years Says it Makes Their Relationship Stronger -

Woman Who Has Been Breastfeeding Her Husband for Six Years Says it Makes Their Relationship Stronger

A woman has attracted considerable attention by disclosing an unconventional approach to maintaining a happy marriage: breastfeeding her spouse. This unique revelation has propelled the couple into internet stardom, where they proudly label themselves as “boundary pushers” on their YouTube channel, firmly stating their refusal to conform to societal expectations.

Rachel Bailey, aged 30, initiated this unusual practice with her husband, Alexander, also 30, back in 2017. The catalyst for this unconventional choice was Rachel’s surplus lactation following the birth of their second child.

Rachel, a mother of three, recounted that this extraordinary journey began during a cruise vacation with Alexander shortly after the birth of their second child. Regrettably, she had forgotten to bring her breast pump along. This unfortunate oversight led to severe breast engorgement, causing her immense discomfort and raising concerns about potential infections. In a moment of desperation, they decided to explore the option of her husband nursing from her. Despite initial nervousness, they soon discovered that it was a viable and mutually agreeable solution.

Unexpectedly, Alexander developed a preference for the taste of his wife’s breast milk, even favoring it over conventional cow’s milk. Rachel noted that Alexander experienced heightened energy levels and enjoyed improved health, remaining free from colds for two years. Additionally, many people commented on the positive impact it had on his skin.

As Rachel welcomed their third child, she found herself overproducing milk once more, leading to her husband regularly nursing at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, with her milk production subsequently decreasing, she now only breastfeeds him at night. Rachel expressed her commitment to allowing her children to decide naturally when they are ready to discontinue breastfeeding.

For Rachel, breastfeeding her husband has transcended mere preference; it has become a necessity in their relationship, cementing their unique bond.