Reasons Why Most Kenyan Women Fall For ‘Nduthi’ Guys.
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Reasons Why Most Kenyan Women Fall For ‘Nduthi’ Guys.

Believe it or not, Bodaboda riders in Kenya are the most romantic people. Their unedited stories makes you want to extend your ride with them so that you can get more of the juicy 411 in the neighborhood.

Well, here are 5 of the major reasons why filthy rich and as well as Middle class earning ladies fall for this guys.

1.They are Endearing

Motorcycle riders recognize that the best present they have is a good tongue. They will recite all the romantic movie lines they know and paraphrase love messages from Ed Sheeran’s songs forcing any woman to fall for them.

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2. They are prepared to spend

Bodaboda riders love spending their little money on their ladies. They can spend all their savings on a woman.

Reasons Why Most Kenyan Women Fall For 'Nduthi' Guys.

3. They are readily available

Motorcycle business is a type of independent employment, and you don’t need to seek authorization from anyone to go anywhere you need. Ladies love spending time with nduthi guys as they can go out on a date any time of the day. This is contrary to men working in the formal sector who leave the house early in the morning and return home late in the evening.

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4. They are humble

“Nduthi” guys are humble and down-to-earth men. They communicate with their clients well and are always available whenever you seek their services.

5. They are clean

Yes, that’s right. Contrary to popular belief, this guys are very clean. They have learnt that the major ingredient of getting lots of customers is to keep clean.

There you have it. Go get yourself a good boda guy and remember to share your experience with him or her with us.

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