'Usivae High Heels' Kate Actress Advised Against Wearing THEM By Her Husband -

‘Usivae High Heels’ Kate Actress Advised Against Wearing THEM By Her Husband

Former Tahidi high actor and director Philip Karanja recently advised his wife Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, against wearing high heels after turning 36 years old. In his birthday message to the mother of two, Philip urged her to embrace the popular rubber shoes brand known as ngoma instead. Kate, however, did not agree with her husband, saying that she is still young and has to continue rocking in heels despite her age.

Kate celebrated her birthday on Friday and said that she is now wiser and bolder. At the same time, she declined suggestions from her fans that she join the soon-to-be premiered Showmax reality show, The Real Housewives of Nairobi. A section of them felt that she has a great sense of fashion and has been representing Kenya well, traits that would have made her land a role in the show. Kate, however, says that she is only best at acting.

“Guys, allow me to stick to what I do best, ACTING. Can’t wait for the show though,” she said. The reality show is set to premiere on February 23 and it will feature the likes of Vera Sidika and actress Minne Kariuki, among others.

Philip and Kate’s conversation about high heels and ngoma happened on Instagram. He wrote, “Happiest birthday Super Woman Kate Actress. Sasa siku za kuvaa heels zimefika tamati. Let’s embrace Bata Ngoma, please. Also, nishawekelea supu ya mifupa na offer ya supplements is on the way.” Kate, however, protested Philip’s idea, saying that she is barely 30 years old. Philip agreed with her, acknowledging that his calculations had always been wrong.

In conclusion, Kate Actress declined the offer to join The Real Housewives of Nairobi, saying that she is only best at acting. She also disagreed with her husband’s idea of her wearing ngoma instead of high heels. Despite turning 36 years old, Kate believes that she is still young enough to rock in high heels.