Worst Musicians! Andrew Kibe Lists 10 Artists Who Should Never Set Foot In Studio

Popular podcaster Andrew Kibe has caused controversy by asserting that Kenyan music is entirely flawed. In a video posted on his Facebook page, Kibe proceeded to name several Kenyan artists he believed should give up their music careers entirely.

Kibe criticized the artists’ music, describing it as grating and unpleasant. He singled out Brown Mauzo for being relatively unknown, while he labeled the music of Wahu, Size 8, Diana Marua, Krg The Don, Avril, and Akothee as intolerable.

“We have had some horrible musicians in our country,” Kibe commented. He went on to mention a Kalenjin artist whose name he couldn’t recall but whose father was a minister. Kibe suggested that even if it meant telling the truth to her child, the artist’s father should inform her that her music isn’t up to par.

Kibe also criticized Shikwekwe’s husband, Brown Mauzo, asking who he is and suggesting that Ringtone should never be allowed near a studio. Kibe added that if Ringtone ever dared to open his mouth, he should be slapped. He also took issue with Embarambamba.

In summary, Kibe stirred controversy by asserting that there was nothing right about Kenyan music and that several Kenyan artists should give up their careers.