Ulidhani Hatapata Bwana; Betty Bayo Throws a Jab at Kiengei.
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Ulidhani Hatapata Bwana; Betty Bayo Throws a Jab at Kiengei.

Betty took to Facebook to congratulate Keziah on her new chapter and at the same time blasting kiengei for divorcing her( Keziah).

“One man’s poison is another man’s cure, congratulations Keziah, prayers work and he is God of another chance,” Betty posted.

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Keziah’s new engagement seemed to be a shocker on Kiengei who probably had not anticipated such news so soon.

The comedian, after getting the news that his ex-wife had found another man, took to his social media accounts saying, “Usiku wa leo pastor Ben Kuongea ukweli mimi Naumwa, how can I handle this?”

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He however deleted the post as fast as he had posted it leaving his fans with lots of unanswered questions.

Keziah introduced her new man to her followers saying, “Happiness and peace of mind is all that counts. Not about anyone’s opinion but how you feel. Thank you God for this far. I found love.”

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