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“ZAKAYO SHUKA” TZ Musician Christina Shusho Amuses A Section Of Kenyans With Upcoming Song ‘Zakayo’

Tanzanian gospel sensation Christina Shusho has stirred up excitement with the announcement of her latest single, “Zakayo.”

Following her recent electrifying performance in Kenya, the songstress sent shockwaves across social media platform X by teasing a snippet of her upcoming release, triggering a surge of anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting its debut.

The online community in Kenya has been buzzing with excitement, as individuals engage in light-hearted banter and express keen anticipation for the song’s unveiling.

The source of this fervor among Kenyans can be traced back to the nickname “Zakayo” affectionately bestowed upon their president, William Ruto, by a segment of the population. Despite the lack of any direct correlation between the song and the president, many have drawn parallels, adding to the intrigue surrounding its release. Here are some reactions from Kenyan netizens:

@kinyuawambiriri: “Itabidi ashuke.” (Translation: “He’ll have to come down.”)

@MwauraWambiru: “Trend Jacking! Shusho is about to make millions from Kenyans for the remaining part of the year! Genius Entrepreneur!”

@abiladawkins: “You have officially been banned from attending end-year celebrations either in Eldoret or Kasarani. Ends.”

@gabrieloguda: “Sasa ni wewe ndio utatupeleka Canaan. Run it.” (Translation: “So now you’re the one taking us to Canaan. Run it.”)

@BravinYuri: “Tuambie mapema Lyrics ziko Verse gani tuanze kuzoea.” (Translation: “Tell us early which verse lyrics are so we can start getting used to them.”)

@kafangi: “Utabanniwa kufanya show huku Kenya, chunga.” (Translation: “You’ll be banned from doing shows here in Kenya, beware.”)

@Wamkota1: “God has remembered us Kenyans finally. Let Zakayo drop, then come launch it in Kenya.”