“I Sleep With 25 to 30 Men kila Siku”: Tales from a Rosecoco Vendor

Talent, a thigh vendor residing in Hopely, recently shared candid details about her profession, revealing that she engages in intimate encounters with 25 to 30 men daily as part of her job. Her story sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals working in this line of work, offering a glimpse into a lesser-known aspect of society.

One of the major hurdles Talent highlighted is the issue of clients deliberately sabotaging protection measures. She mentioned instances where some clients intentionally burst or tore condoms during intercourse, disregarding the importance of safe practices.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are another prevalent concern among thigh vendors. Talent spoke about the prevalence of gonorrhea within their community, emphasizing the risks associated with unprotected encounters. She disclosed that they charge clients differently based on their preferences, with rates ranging from $5 for unprotected sex to $1 for shorter durations.

Sharing a harrowing experience, Talent recounted an incident where a client took her to a location where four other men were present. Despite the client’s assurance that she would only engage with him, all the men ended up having intercourse with her, highlighting the complexities and dangers faced by individuals in this profession.

Talent’s story provides valuable insights into the realities of thigh vendors, showcasing the challenges they navigate on a daily basis. Her narrative underscores the need for awareness, education, and support for individuals involved in such professions, highlighting the broader societal issues that contribute to their experiences.