Pritty Vishy: ‘Nilifanya Ajulikane ‘ I Made Stivo Simple Boy Famous

In response to allegations that she leveraged Stivo Simple Boy for her own fame, Pritty Vishy, an emerging socialite and content creator, has decided to address the accusations and set the record straight.

During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Pritty Vishy asserted that many are unaware of her pivotal role in shaping Stivo Simple Boy’s current status. According to the content creator, Stivo was undergoing significant challenges in his previous management, enduring humiliation despite his existing fame and financial struggles.

Recognizing Stivo’s vulnerability, Pritty Vishy boldly stepped forward to expose the mistreatment he was enduring. She disclosed his hardships to the public, and the story quickly gained widespread attention. This exposure led to a change in management, providing a lifeline for Simple Boy.

Pritty Vishy explained that her decision to speak out was crucial, as Stivo, whom she described as a coward, might have continued to suffer in silence. She emphasized that her actions rescued him from a potential life of poverty in Kibera. Despite this, Pritty Vishy expressed disappointment, noting that Stivo has never expressed gratitude for her intervention. Instead, she claimed that he consistently tarnishes her name in various interviews.

Regarding their current relationship, Pritty Vishy stated that she no longer cares about Stivo. Since their breakup, she asserted that she has severed all ties with him and has no intention of assisting him again, especially if issues arise with his new management. This declaration marks a definitive end to any potential collaboration or support between Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy.