Justina Syokau Explains Why She Isn’t Ready to Get Married Again ,To poor Man

The artist, whose son was just an infant and was born via Caesarean section, expressed that her ex-husband had put both her and her son through immense difficulties. She attributed the constant pressure she faced from others as the reason behind her decision to post on social media seeking a husband. However, she clarified that she had never been interested in getting married again. The public’s persistent questioning about her marital status might have given the wrong impression, but in reality, she had no desire to enter into matrimony.

She shared her painful experiences, recounting a time when she had to endure the harsh streets of Nairobi for about two weeks with her son, immediately after giving birth through an operation. The challenging conditions she faced during that period left a lasting impact on her, and as a result, she had never been inclined towards remarriage.

Reflecting on her past, she revealed that her child had suffered from chest problems up until the fifth month after birth. During that time, she had no proper shelter, no access to essential supplies like soup or hot water, and had to deal with the aftermath of the operation without proper care.

Given the hardships she had gone through, she expressed skepticism about finding another partner who would genuinely love and accept her son. While she didn’t fear the institution of marriage itself, her primary concern was ensuring her child’s well-being and happiness in any potential future relationship.

The artist and her ex-husband had divorced in 2013, and due to his neglectful behavior as a father, she had taken him to court. However, in 2015, she made the decision to completely move on from the situation for her peace of mind.

In summary, the artist shared her challenging journey as a single mother and her firm decision to forego the idea of remarriage due to the traumatic experiences she and her son had endured. She prioritized her child’s happiness and well-being above all else, recognizing that finding a partner who would genuinely care for her son was of paramount importance.