Man buried with his bicycle, tool box, 2 radio sets, cellphone, clothes and blankets to prevent Cold

The funeral of a man from Hwedza has stirred conversation within the community, as he was laid to rest alongside all his possessions. Bhudhi Matanda, who received a pauper’s burial courtesy of the Department of Social Welfare, left a unique request to his wife of more than two decades, Viola Wagoneka, 70, and a handful of relatives who attended the somber gathering.

Prior to his passing, Bhudhi made it clear to Viola that he wished to be interred with his cherished possessions, among them his beloved bicycle, two radio sets, a toolbox, a cellphone, and various articles of clothing. Despite their tumultuous history, including Bhudhi’s departure and subsequent return during his illness, Viola honored his final wishes without hesitation.

Reflecting on their lengthy companionship, Viola shared insights into their relationship, spanning over two decades. Initially drawn together by Bhudhi’s claim of widowhood and responsibility for three children, Viola faced societal scrutiny for her disability and their unconventional union. Bhudhi’s eventual abandonment, spurred by societal pressure and his own infidelity, left Viola grappling with emotional turmoil and practical challenges.

Despite the strain on their relationship, Viola reminisced fondly on Bhudhi’s past gestures of affection, such as using his bicycle to procure firewood and exhibiting care in his actions. However, his lifestyle choices, including alcohol and tobacco consumption, ultimately contributed to his declining health.

As Viola navigates life in the aftermath of Bhudhi’s passing, she faces ongoing struggles, including limited access to food and the need for medication to manage hypertension. Amidst these difficulties, she remains resilient, supported by her community and her own perseverance.