Githeri Man: Nothing has Improved in my Life Since 2017

Recall Githeri Man? The voter who shot to fame for queueing with a plastic pack of githeri during the General elections in 2017? Obviously you do!

With days to go to the next General Elections, Martin Kamotho says his life has not improved since he last voted.

This regardless of his brief fame that saw him earn a Head of State Commendation (HSC) and endless proposals from corporates who rode on his popularity at that point.

Kamotho, 48, says every person he met then vowed to change his life vanished into oblivion.

“There is nothing that has improved in my life since 2017. All the well-wishers and people who posed for pictures with me five years ago have disappeared,” he said in an interview at his Kayole home last week.

Alongside a State Commendation, Githeri Man also got Sh100,000 from President Kenyatta at State House. He says he doesn’t have any idea what he used the cash on.

Kamotho says it would have been exceptional on the off chance that he had gotten better help like money management skills and business administration skills.

His greatest lament? “Getting fame that faded as fast as it grew,” he says.

Githeri Man however stays confident that things will pivot for the better.

“Things are tough for many people. In my neighbourhood, if you ask someone to lend you Sh20, no one claims to have the money. I’m however optimistic that the situation will improve,” he said.

Githeri Man said he will vote again and even maybe carry porridge to the que.

“I still dream of a prosperous Kenya. I’ll, therefore, wake up very early in the morning, like I did five years ago, to vote for leaders who will steer the country efficiently. Today, everyone in Kenya is encountering tough economic times,” he said.

His parting shot to Kenyans? “Vote wisely”.