” You Are an Upcoming, Nitakutukana Na Nipande Ndege Nikuje Nikuchape” Akothee To Nyako.

Renowned as Madam Boss, Esther Akothee has recently opted for confrontation with the self-proclaimed Kenyan TikTok sensation, Pilot Nyako, currently residing in Germany.

This development transpired shortly after Akothee made a public declaration about her return to TikTok, expressing her determination to dominate the entire platform. The clash between Akothee and Nyako originated when Akothee referred to Nyako as an emerging talent.

The ongoing comparison between Akothee and Nyako has been a subject of discussion for some time. Nyako, acknowledging Akothee’s superiority, has emphasized that she is not on the same level. Akothee, tracing her career roots back to her days as a dancer in strip clubs, asserted that she kickstarted her career in Europe.

Conversely, Akothee conveyed that Nyako is still in the early stages of her celebrity journey and admitted looking up to her. However, Akothee asserted that Nyako lacks the capacity to attain her level of success. Despite Akothee claiming maturity, she has not shied away from engaging in a war of words with Nyako, resorting to insults.

Akothee went to the extent of threatening to deeply offend Nyako and, to substantiate her warnings, she vowed to confront her in person during her visit to Germany. She cautioned Nyako that things could escalate into a messy situation and insisted that Nyako refrain from mentioning her name.