Prince Mwiti reveals AMOUNT oF Millions he makes from videos uploaded on his TikTok account

Digital content creator Prince Mwiti has recently conveyed his unwavering dedication to TikTok, despite encountering setbacks such as the loss of his previous account, boasting over 240k followers.

Mwiti’s resolve comes in the wake of losing his account, a situation he swiftly addressed by creating a new one and using TikTok Live to confront those celebrating his misfortune. In a spirited rebuttal, Mwiti proudly showcased his significant earnings from the platform, undeterred by his detractors.

In a bold assertion, Mwiti exclaimed, “Congratulations. The earnings from that account are substantial. It was a valuable asset,” sharing screenshots from his PayPal account, revealing earnings totaling millions of Kenyan shillings.

Despite the setback of his previous account being compromised, Mwiti remains steadfast in his dedication to TikTok, emphasizing its integral role in his life. According to the PayPal screenshots, Prince Mwiti had amassed $36,921.93, equivalent to approximately Sh.4.8 million.

Unfazed by challenges, Mwiti reaffirmed his resilience, stating, “I’m well-equipped, thank you. Let’s embark on a new journey. Here are my earnings; they’re in my PayPal. Despite what you may have thought, I’m unstoppable,” urging others to support his new account.