Bado unakula mbwa…?;MIKE Sonko

‘Bado unakula mbwa…?;MIKE Sonko Interrogates a Chinese Man (VIDEO)


Days after it was professedly reported that just Mike Sonko and Raphael Tujuwere the main dark individuals permitted to visit the bigot Chinese inn after 5.00 pm, a feature of the Nairobi Senator interestingly grilling a Chinese man who resembles a culinary specialist, has surfaced on online networking.

Mike Sonko, who is known to be jocund most times, can be seen and heard asking the anonymous man whether he smokes weed, whether he knows who (Mike) he is, the reason he cleared out China and whether despite everything he eats canines.

Sonko can be so enlivening some of the time. Here is the funny discussion the two had.


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