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Mumias East MP Peter Salasya meets woman who carried a placard asking him to Marry her

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP), Peter Salasya, had an unexpected encounter on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, when he met with a woman who had made headlines for her bold marriage proposal towards him.

The rendezvous took place at a Kakamega hotel, where both Salasya and Lavyn Shantell engaged in a cordial conversation regarding the marriage proposition. Shantell, visibly elated, expressed her joy upon meeting Salasya.

During their discussion, Shantell disclosed her readiness to embark on a serious relationship with the MP, eventually leading to marriage.

This meeting marked a significant step as the Mumias East MP decided to personally meet with Shantell, who had publicly professed her affection for him.

Salasya, acknowledging Shantell’s gesture, expressed his appreciation while mentioning his intention to gather opinions from his online followers and constituents before reaching a final decision on the marriage proposal.

“Are you genuinely considering marriage with me? The public’s input is crucial. I value their opinions. It’s beneficial for me to have met and gotten to know you,” remarked Salasya.

On her part, Shantell conveyed confidence in their compatibility as a couple and reassured Salasya of her unwavering commitment to their relationship.

“Finally, I’ve found my life partner. I couldn’t be happier. I feel relieved. We shared a meal of ugali and chicken for dinner. You mentioned wanting a partner who would be content at home, well, I’m already home and fully capable. I’m prepared to settle down,” affirmed Shantell.

Salasya’s meeting with Shantell came as a surprise, considering his earlier indication of potentially declining her proposal.

“I’ve heard about the buzz surrounding this and I’m uncertain if I can handle it,” Salasya had previously shared on his Facebook post.

At the time of his declaration, MP Peter Salasya had cited concerns about Shantell’s physical appearance, raising doubts about his ability to commit to the relationship.