Man surprises his 2 wives with two cars to strengthen their Marriage

Recall that somewhere last year, a Ghanaian man named Michael Houston, also known as Godfada Gh Houston married his two long-time girlfriends, Adepa Fel and Goddess Deejah Abarry, in a vibrant ceremony in Accra.

The unconventional union formalised after a three-year relationship, gained attention for its departure from traditional expectations around monogamous marriages.

Despite cultural and religious considerations against polygamy in some communities, the trio’s decision to publicly express their commitment sparked a range of reactions amongst the Ghanaian populace.

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Before they married, Michael Houston, a recognised figure in the tech industry working as a software engineer and known as a Bitcoin “guru,” lived with his two partners, documenting their journey on Facebook.

Just 5 months into their marriage, Houston has surprised his two wives with their favourite cars.

In photos shared on Houston’s page, he can be seen posing together with his wives in front of the car he has bought for them.