Citizen TV's Lillian Muli Openly Gets Cozy With Her Male Bff (Video)

Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli Openly Gets Cozy With Her Male Bff (Video)

It is said that a sweet friendship refreshes the soul, and assuming the statement is true, celebrated Citizen TV reporter Lillian Muli and blogger Captain Vinieo are relishing in it.

The duo have infact been close for at some point now and in the event that you are their followers on their instagram accounts, you probably saw how they parade their affection for each other by alluding to one another as best friends(BFF).

The hunk and the tv queen have even never shield away how they hang out or go to diffrent occasions together.

This happened recently after Lillian Muli and Captain Vinieo took to their insta stories to post short clips depicting how they went out on a date together on Wednesday night.

From the post unmistakably they were at a anonymous entertainment joint.

Anyway what was clear is that the hunk even gave the queen a kiss on the cheek at some point, and she adored it.

The cheeky Citizen TV presenter even heaped acclaims on her bff for making her laugh when they are together.

Even though Lillian Muli is already a renowned news anchor in the country, Captain Vinieo real name Vincent Ochieng’ is also a media personality who works at Capital FM as a lifestyle editor.

The hunk is also well known for his splendid fashion taste, and has wowed many by how he wears three-piece custom fitted suits and flower print tuxedo coats.