Diamond’s new flame singer Fantana mercilessly trolls Zari Hassan -

Diamond’s new flame singer Fantana mercilessly trolls Zari Hassan

Fantana, an American-Ghanaian artist and self-proclaimed dancehall queen, has found herself embroiled in a highly contentious dispute with Diamond Platnumz’s former partner and mother of his child, Zari Hassan.

Fantana, who has been gaining attention as one of the featured personalities on the second season of Netflix’s reality show ‘Young, Famous & African,’ has discovered that her newfound fame does not shield her from drama and public feuds.

The conflict between Fantana and Zari stems from their shared affection for Diamond. Sources reveal that the two women were once close, but tensions arose when Zari cautioned Fantana about Diamond’s intentions, emphasizing that his interests lay more in lust than genuine love.

This warning did not sit well with Fantana, and their relationship quickly deteriorated, with both celebrities engaging in a heated exchange of words on social media.

The clash began when Zari publicly called out Diamond and requested that he refrain from discussing her with his current girlfriends, including Fantana. Taking advantage of the situation, Zari criticized Fantana for what she perceived as a failed music career and even made derogatory comments about the 25-year-old’s unsuccessful plastic surgery endeavors.

Expressing her frustration, Zari claimed that Diamond was allowing his romantic partners to disrespect her. She further stated, “I am now a married woman, and your presence no longer fits into my life. It is absurd how the show selectively edits to suit their narrative. I have made it clear that I am with someone else now, and I cannot have children with you. It is sad how highly people think of you while disrespecting me. I do not want a penny from you because I am taking care of myself.”

Fantana did not hold back in her response and took to her Instagram Stories to retaliate. She hurled insults at Zari, labeling her a fake billionaire and mocking her claims of wealth. Fantana also criticized Zari’s cosmetic enhancements and belittled her achievements, stating, “What had you accomplished by the time you were 25? You gained access to an iPhone, bought internet, and created a fake life.”

The relatively unknown artist also brought up Zari’s past controversies, including a leaked sex tape, in an attempt to tarnish her reputation. She remarked, “And let’s not forget your sex tape because you believe you are superior to everyone else, and now you are married to a high school boy. You tremble every time you see me in person.”

During her introduction on the reality show, Fantana acknowledged her struggle with a quick temper and her ongoing efforts to improve herself.