Khaligraph Jones Apologizes to Tanzanians, "My Statement was Taken Out of Context." -

Khaligraph Jones Apologizes to Tanzanians, “My Statement was Taken Out of Context.”

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has issued an apology to the Tanzanian music community following a statement he made that could be interpreted as belittling Tanzanian musicians.

In an interview conducted by Wasafi media, Khaligraph Jones clarified that his prior comments made during an interview with a Kenyan media outlet were not intended to undermine the talent of Tanzanian artists.

During the mentioned interview, Khaligraph Jones was asked about the trajectory of Kenyan artists. In his response, the rapper commended the achievements of Kenyan artists, emphasizing that they should not succumb to external pressures.

In addition, Khaligraph Jones mentioned that Kenyan artists have successfully made their mark in international performances, thus positioning them ahead in this aspect compared to their Tanzanian counterparts.

Khaligraph Jones explained to Wasafi media that his original interview was edited to fit a specific narrative by the blogger, consequently distorting the context of his words and casting him in a negative light. He expressed remorse for any misunderstanding caused and acknowledged that his words might not have come across as he intended.

Regarding the ongoing rivalry between Tanzanian and Kenyan rappers, Khaligraph Jones clarified that his primary intention was to invigorate the hip-hop scene. He expressed contentment with the artists embracing the challenge he set forth, as it has yielded positive results.

In a recent development, Khaligraph Jones challenged Tanzanian musicians to produce high-quality hip-hop tracks within a 24-hour timeframe. This initiative was intended to stir competition and elevate the hip-hop genre.

Furthermore, Khaligraph Jones extended the challenge to a rap battle, offering to earn respect if he emerged as the victor. While his intention was not to disrespect Tanzanian artists, some of them interpreted it differently, leading to the creation of diss tracks directed at him. On the other hand, several Kenyan rappers rallied behind Khaligraph Jones, participating in the creation of hip-hop songs, thus igniting an active rap feud that has continued over the past few days.