Murugi Munyi finally Opens Up About Her Social Media Boundaries

Social media has revolutionized how people communicate with each other. It allows users to stay in touch with friends and family but where do we draw the line?

Creating social media boundaries is as essential as using the different platforms daily for the sake of one’s mental well-being.

Murugi Munyi, a content creator, recently shared on social media the boundaries she has put in place to safeguard her mental health while using social media. She believes that it is within her right to block anyone who is being disrespectful, rude, unkind, or makes her feel unsafe. For her, her platform is her personal space, and she wants it to be a positive place where no negativity is tolerated.

In addition to this, she also refuses to open direct messages from strangers who she is not familiar with or who don’t explain the reason for sending photos or links. This is because she has received unsolicited pictures of body parts and inappropriate messages in the past. Furthermore, Murugi has a boundary on medical appeals and will only post verified appeals from people she knows. She does not want to be promoting scams inadvertently.

Murugi also reserves the right to choose which brands she wants to work with and will not feel bullied into working with a brand that does not align with her personal brand. She believes that every content creator should have this right.

Finally, Murugi emphasizes that privacy is not secrecy on social media. She believes that everyone deserves some form of privacy in their lives, and followers should respect her privacy and not pry into matters she has intentionally refused to share.

Her followers supported and echoed her sentiments, praising her for implementing such boundaries.