Man Who Returned to Form 3 After Scoring D- in KCSE Lands Well-Paying Job After Graduating as a Nurse in kenya

Despite facing significant hurdles throughout his high school tenure, Abdulrahman Banza defied expectations, transitioning from a struggling student to a successful nurse in his country.

Throughout his high school years, Abdulrahman considered himself to be an average student academically, but he excelled in sports, particularly rugby.

However, his final year took an unexpected turn when he and his teammates were suspended under ambiguous circumstances, following accusations of involvement in a strike plot related to the rugby team.

Despite his innocence, Abdulrahman found himself punished alongside his teammates, which left him devastated.

During the two-week suspension, Abdulrahman’s academic future was uncertain, casting doubt on his educational trajectory.

Although he was eventually allowed to return to school, he had to repeat Form 3 and sit for his final exams separately from his peers.

Rather than yielding to despair, Abdulrahman embraced the challenge, viewing it as an opportunity for personal growth and improvement.

Repeating two years of high school taught him the value of persistence and resilience in overcoming obstacles.

“I managed to achieve a B- with 59 points, and in my weakest subject, Maths, I scored a straight A,” he shared with TUKO.CO.KE.

After completing high school, Abdulrahman continued his journey by pursuing a nursing career at KMTC Murang’a.

Despite encountering difficulties in securing employment after graduation, Abdulrahman persisted and eventually secured a volunteer position at RFH Healthcare.