Ohangla Producer Wuod Fibi Reacts After Ex-Wife Claimed She Paid for Her Dowry and Sponsored Their Traditional Wedding

Esteemed Ohangla music producer Wuod Fibi has recently taken to social media to address the assertions made by his former spouse, Nikita Love, subsequent to their recent parting.

Nikita leveled accusations against Fibi, alleging financial dependency on her part, stating that she financed her own dowry and supported their customary nuptials.

In a poignant statement, Nikita outlined her contributions to both Fibi’s lifestyle and career, which included the acquisition of multiple vehicles for him. Additionally, she shared correspondence from Fibi, wherein he pleaded for forgiveness and delineated the reasons behind their marital dissolution. Nikita’s disclosures have ignited substantial public interest and discourse.

In response, Wuod Fibi expressed contrition and advocated for absolution. He underscored the significance of honesty and reconciliation, drawing upon biblical principles.

“As the Bible teaches, truth shall set us free. Hence, I composed an email post-divorce, acknowledging our parting. Your feelings of wrongdoing are valid. Please, forgive me. It’s crucial to seek forgiveness. You are progressing in your life, now that we’re no longer together,” he articulated.

Fibi proceeded to extend his apologies, recognizing Nikita’s sense of neglect during their union, which, he inferred, may have influenced her actions. He exhibited empathy and comprehension, noting the varying emotional responses between genders.

“Nikita is a woman; her reactions are understandable. As a man, I grasp that women possess vulnerabilities, and we must comprehend them. I refrain from judgment or retaliation against Nikita, despite her prolonged online statements about me. I harbor no resentment; instead, I extend my prayers for her and beseech the divine force I worship to bestow healing upon her,” Fibi conveyed.