MC Price and Diana Chacha welcome their second child

Content creator Diana Chacha and her partner MC Price are celebrating the arrival of their second child. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the couple expressed their gratitude for their newborn, whom they describe as a miracle baby.

“Our miracle baby 😍 Thankful to God,” they shared.

The journey leading up to the birth was challenging, spanning 41 weeks of pregnancy, followed by seven hours of labor, 15 minutes of intense pushing, and the newborn requiring immediate oxygen support to sustain life.

Despite the trials of pain, blood, sweat, and tears, the couple deemed it all worthwhile, acknowledging the blessing of bringing new life into the world once again. They’ve chosen the name Baby Jabari for their newest family member.

Capturing the emotional moment, the couple also posted a childbirth video on YouTube. MC Price recounted the tense atmosphere when their baby initially didn’t cry upon birth, expressing his initial concern until the baby finally let out a cry, signifying his well-being. He extended heartfelt gratitude to the medical team for their swift action and care.

Reflecting on his partner’s resilience and strength throughout the journey of motherhood, MC Price expressed admiration and appreciation for Diana. He described her as a virtuous woman, an incredible human being, a superb mother, and an embodiment of awesomeness. He acknowledged her strength and kindness, reassuring her of her exceptional performance in motherhood and expressing eternal gratitude. He concluded with warm wishes for Mother’s Day, celebrating Diana’s role as a mother and partner in their journey together.