Nimelala na wanaume 27 so far! When Kamene Goro revealed her body count to Kibe and CMB Prezzo during a game!

Kamene Goro is a popular media personality and radio host who has amassed a considerable following over the course of her career. Her captivating voice has endeared her to many listeners whenever she is on the airwaves.

However, Kamene Goro’s success has not come without hard work and dedication. She had the privilege of working for several renowned media organizations alongside other talented presenters. Notably, she was a co-host of the Kiss FM morning show alongside former comedian, radio host, and current lang’ata member of parliament Felix Odiwuor, also known as Mzee Jalang’o.

In a past show, Kamene caused quite a stir when she candidly shared intimate details about her sexual experiences, leading to a lot of public attention and discussion.

Despite this controversy, Kamene continues to exude confidence and strength, fearlessly expressing her opinions and perspectives on various topics.

Moreover, Kamene is currently in a committed relationship with a well-known DJ and they plan to start a family and eventually tie the knot.