Bahati Finally Opens Up on Diana Marua’s Pregnancy

For months now, rumors have circulated online that Diana Marua is expecting a child, based on the fact that she has a visibly expanding stomach. Bahati has made her pregnancy public, which is a huge step forward in terms of transparency.

Bahati and Diana addressed the pregnancy issue in an interview with an internet news outlet, while explaining their event at Ashaki Gardens in Ruiru to Kenyans and their supporters.

Both were taken aback by the rumors, as they had no idea they were expecting. Bahati asked Diana directly if she was expecting. Diana Marua laughed, and her silence afterward hinted that the answer could be either yes or no.

Bahati has promised their supporters that they will see a doctor to find out once and for all if the rumors are real. He indicated that after they’ve confirmed the pregnancy, they’ll let the public know.

Bahati also claimed that he had been too preoccupied with campaigns to notice the rumors. He claims he would continue to run in the election and is confident he will eventually be elected to represent Mathare in parliament. Bahati has revealed he has grieved a lot and fought with many individuals because of his political experiences. He remarked that he wouldn’t want his wife Diana to get involved in that because of how he feels about it.