Hakuna Kitu Mbaya Kama Kulea Mtoto Anayefanana Na Baba yake Aliyemkataa – Carol Sonie

Carrol Sonie has recently shared her personal journey, delving into the challenges she has faced while raising her daughter, Keila, who bears a striking resemblance to her estranged partner, Mulamwah.

In a candid question-and-answer session on her YouTube channel, Sonie opened up about the difficulties she has encountered in parenting her daughter. She made it clear that she has solely been responsible for Keila’s upbringing, with no involvement from Mulamwah or anyone else, aside from her parents.

One of the most poignant struggles for Sonie has been coming to terms with the fact that Keila shares physical similarities with Mulamwah, who disowned her as his child. Reflecting on this, Sonie expressed the emotional turmoil it has caused her. She acknowledged the pain of raising a child who has been rejected by their father, especially when their features serve as a constant reminder.

Addressing her current circumstances, Sonie revealed that she has moved on with her life and is now in a new relationship. Despite the tumultuous events that unfolded following her separation from Mulamwah, she affirmed her determination to move forward.

Sonie emphasized that her new partner has no connection to Mulamwah and asserted her independence by removing Mulamwah’s name from Keila’s birth certificate. She proudly listed Keila’s full name, highlighting that it bears no influence from Mulamwah, and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to address such an important question.

In essence, Sonie’s narrative underscores the resilience and strength required to navigate the complexities of single parenthood in the face of rejection and societal scrutiny. Her story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the unwavering love of a mother for her child.