Kinuthia’s Crush (Kamba Man), Offers Kinuthia a New V8 if he Accepts to get Married to Him.

YP, the mysterious admirer of Kinuthia, has finally revealed his identity and is determined to express his deep affection for the beloved tiktoker. YP, a successful car dealer with Kamba roots, shared his heartfelt desires and his unwavering commitment to win Kinuthia’s heart and ultimately marry him.

In an exclusive interview with Trudy Kitui, YP disclosed his profession as an importer and seller of used cars, boasting of his financial prosperity. However, it is his profound love for Kinuthia that takes precedence in his life. YP expressed that the gender of his beloved is of no importance to him; all he longs for is to become Kinuthia’s life partner. Enthralled by Kinuthia’s captivating personality, YP confessed his deep infatuation, acknowledging that it was the essence of Kinuthia’s being that ignited this powerful connection.

To demonstrate the sincerity of his intentions, YP revealed his grand plan to present Kinuthia with a brand new Range Rover V8 as a token of his love, should Kinuthia accept his proposal. YP promised to treat Kinuthia like royalty, catering to his every desire and ensuring his happiness. With his considerable wealth, YP pledged to elevate Kinuthia’s radiance and provide for his every need.

In a final plea, Kinuthia’s Crush beseeched the tiktoker to open his heart and embrace their potential union. YP firmly believed that he embodies the qualities Kinuthia seeks in an ideal partner and expressed unwavering optimism in winning his heart. With genuine love and devotion, YP hopes to create a future filled with everlasting joy alongside his beloved Kinuthia.