Why Late Ohangla Dancer Sheila Wegesha Will Be Buried at 1st Husband’s Home and Not the Killer’s Home

Sheila Wangeshi, a prominent Ohangla dancer, met a tragic end when she was fatally stabbed multiple times by her husband amid a domestic altercation. Now, her burial arrangements stir questions regarding Luo cultural traditions as she is set to be laid to rest at the residence of her first husband in Homa Bay.

In adherence to Luo customs, the burial site for a deceased woman typically aligns with the home of the man who paid dowry for her. In Wangeshi’s case, this responsibility falls upon her first husband, Mr. Odoyo, who fulfilled this traditional obligation.

Although not legally wed to Wangeshi, Odoyo had completed the customary dowry process, thereby establishing the cultural precedent for her burial arrangements.

Conversely, Wangeshi’s current partner, Jack Bamboo, who is accused of her murder, did not fulfill the customary dowry requirements, thus forfeiting his customary rights to oversee her burial.

Jano The Governor, Wangeshi’s nephew, disclosed to that friends, family, and fans from Nairobi will have the opportunity to pay their respects. The late Sheila Wangeshi’s body will depart Shallom Mortuary on May 27th at 4 pm for viewing and a night vigil at Umoja Tena Grounds.

The following day, on May 28th, her remains will commence the final journey from Umoja at 4 am to her resting place in Nyalkinyi Village, Kanyada, Homa Bay.